Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 4

I've been on the sugar detox for 5 days today...and so far besides a craving for food yesterday morning only 2 hours after breakfast and a slight twinge in my head today....all is good.
My mood is so much better, I feel happier.....I woke up this morning with a desire to train...Now if you know my situation the last 2 months, you will know I have struggled to get out to teach my classes, let alone my own personal when I had this desire today it make me feel happier as I felt the OLD me was starting to return...
I cycled for 20 mins while listening to an interview on Youtube regarding health and fitness
When finished I did toning with weights and 7.5kg Kettle-bell for a further 40 in total I trained for an hour..
I never train longer than an hour as I know that if you train well for a short period its ample. Too many people over train....never get results or get injured then give training up totally....I believe its all about balance. Finding the balance in life.

Today I went to do next weeks grocery shopping.....was amazed at how expensive it was without buying fruit....I did buy Hubby's Apples and Pears...but not the usual amount of fruit I buy weekly.
Before going I to the shops I put a grocery list together ( left it at home ) I was going through Tosco Reno's clean eating meals for ideas....was surprised how high most of the dishes where in ended up buying the types of food we like that have less sugar in them...

I am enjoying Oats for breakfast at the moment with a tsp of Peanut butter....and cooked in normal 3.5% milk....The sugar for all of these is just over 5g's
Today I bought Almond butter and Almond milk....lower is sugar, so going to cook my oats with Almond milk tomorrow morning - am hoping it tastes good as I bought 2L of Almond milk.

I stocked up on fish for my lunch meals.....Sardines, Tuna, Eyesock Salmon, and some other fish....evenings will be chicken and veggies( once a week we have Salmon )...Lunch time is Fish and salad. I have Rice Cakes with goats cheese and Greek yogurts for snacks
Will basically be eating the same thing most days.....I will have eggs one day for breakfast and Oats the next.....

Will log in my menu here as well as my group... doing well with drinking water....having 2 teas and only 1 coffee now...

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. I love almond milk with oats. So tasty and creamy!!

  2. OH YAY!!! i can finally comment on here again!!!!
    good to see you back at it and seeing glimpses of the old you returning...
    keep the ball rolling....
    YOU ROCK!!!!

  3. I am so happy that you are feeling better & training! I have to work with what we have for the challenge until we get payed again. I am working out a menu though! I have read that almond butter is good to have! Will have to look at that!

  4. 5 day sugar detox is impressive! I've been type 2 diabetic for ten years and still am controlling with medications rather than my eating. I hope to change that this year, but it may be too late to stop all medication. Still, I plan to eat better and be more mindful of my carbs. Best wishes for a great year.

  5. Thanks Missy, Melissa and sarah.....I've missed you gals a lot.....

  6. Thank u Tammy......I wish you luck on your journey to shed the weight....its hard...but oh so worth it.

  7. I'm happy for you that the old you is returning.

    Food is expensive isn't it? I buy my fruits and vegetables on the market on Saturday since a couple of weeks. The quality is very good and is so much cheaper than in the shops.

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