Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 13/ 17 DD

When I woke up today I decided I didn't want to weigh myself, nor did I want to count calories...
I ended up not weigh in today, but did count calories.
I had a look at my new Tosca *Stripped* book last night and she says * Don't count calories *
Now that is going to be a hard one for me to do as I find counting calories ( before it was Points ) it gave me an idea where I was daily ~ can't see myself not counting calories...even if its just vaguely and not too strict, as counting something, gives me an idea of where I am in the day...

I had a good day eating wise.

Egg and fruit with yogurt for breakfast
Green shake for snack
Left over Turkey and Veggies for lunch with apple
Caramel coffee ( for energy before a run ) and probiotic drink for snack
Mackerial Fish and salad for dinner

I drank 3 cups of green tea
8 glasses of water
1 coffee
1 caramel coffee

I did a Kettlebell upper body workout this morning for 40 mins.
Worked with the heavier weight that arrived this week so felt it..and loving the workout
Then late afternoon my 2 neighbors and I did a 8.46 Km run ( 5.2 miles )

Tomorrow is going to be a huge challenge for me
My neighbor has a birthday and I've been invited over for a BBQ
now there will be cake and pudding...and I will have to see how I cope with that situation.
I have reached my goal weight on day 11 of the 17 DD, so thinking I could have a small portion of one but not both and then continue the plan till the 17 days is over...should be okay..

I do have a run planned tomorrow morning before the BBQ....burn the calories :)


  1. Eat BEFORE the BBQ and have a spoonful of this or that!!!! Easier said than done! GOOD JOB on your day. Is there a kettle DVD you would recommend OR do you do it to music?!? Is there a program on Amazon you would recommend? It sounds like something I would like for muscle toning. Have a great Sunday.

  2. OH! burn those calories before the BBQ!and yes,do eat before you go so your not tempted to overeat the goodies when you know your not hungry.......
    great job today btw!

  3. I was so torn when I decided to stop counting and logging my food. I still struggle with it sometimes, but if you stick with the same plan you always have and serving sizes you will be fine.

    I love your runs!! I did 3.68 yesterday in the rain, it was nice.

  4. Nice workout day yesterday Marcy.

    Just enjoy the bbq, I know you won't be eating too much, so go and have fun.

  5. Since I am reading this backwards I know you had the cake but I am proud of you and the choices you make. You decide on something and stick with it!! A true inspiration you are.