Sunday, April 10, 2011

Feedback on first 7 Days / 12 DD


Starting weight ~ 63.5 kg's ( 140 lbs )
Today ~ 62.4 kg's ( 137.6 lbs )

Loss in the first week....
1.1 kg's
2.4 lbs


Honestly, not impressed!!!

To think of all the work I have put into this week
Making sure I stick with the program and not giving in to temptations.
I lost this sort of weight while doing Weight Watchers and could eat anything within my my Points this result for the FIRST week has not blown me away.


I'm under my Weight Watchers weight goal of 64.6 kg's ( 142.4 lbs )
I'm not currently overweight so there is not much fat/weight for me to lose
Its going to be tougher for me
But I did expect a little more
My goal was to hit 62 kg's ( 136.7 lbs ) this week.

I'm interested to see how this new week goes weight wise for me...

My Weeks training results were my best for the last 6 months..
And a week where I was without carbs, so that goes to show...
My body does not rely on carbs to function.
I think I'm like my mother, Carb resistant!!

I ran 43 km ( 26.7 miles ) my personal record for one week.
Trained for 9 hrs 10 mins _ did 2 kettlebell workouts I didn't write down
Burned a whopping 5376 calories
Did 11 Workouts...with those other two I didn't write down.

Am Ready For The New Week...


  1. What a great week you had!!! Look at all the km you ran. You had a weight loss to & that is great!!

  2. I think you had an excellent week. Well done Marcelle!

  3. How tall are you, Marcelle? Your eating was really great and for me, it's actually wonderful that the program steered you away from giving into temptations if the temptations were processed junk type foods. You did great, congrats on the loss! :)

  4. Sounds like a great loss to me!! Almost hit your goal! Like you said it will get harder and harder to lose since you are already so lean. Hang in there!

  5. I think the awesome shape you're already in and the fact that you're under your WW goal will make losing quickly on this plan next to impossible.

    One question - what is your energy level like? Noticed any change? Mine is way up.....and I'm sleepign well agian for the first time in that in itself is worth a million bucks.

    I'm on D15, and my loss has not changed in a week.....but I noticed that my losses over the month of March did the same thing - lose 2-3, then hold for 5-7 days, repeat.....I'm due for another loss any second now!

  6. You can't lose fat that's not there to lose! :) You are solid muscle lady, and you sure don't want to lose that just to see a number on the scale.

  7. Thanks for answering my question. I didn't know you gave up processed food, sorry. I should pay more attention. Again, considering that you are already lean, that was a great loss. Congrats :)

  8. WOW Marcelle you have done terrific this week!!! Don't focus on that scale so much you are doing terrific! Just look at you and see where you are today versus where you are now. I love reading about your workouts!

  9. 2.4 lbs is amazing, especially at your weight!! I don't think you look like you have an ounce left to lose! :)

  10. I also think you did AMAZING for one week. Especially for being at goal weight! There are not many weeks that I have hit a 2Pound loss and I still have over 30 Pounds to lose..So you did amazing!

  11. I have to agree with Dawne! I think you would have seen a larger weight loss had you had MORE weight to loose! I'm starting in the morning and will let you know HOW it works as I have a substantial amount to loose! GREAT JOB, BTW.

  12. Great for you- stick with it- that is more than I lost on my 12 week doctor prescribed plan remember? Your body will adapt as it needs and you might justbe where you are supposed to- also aren't you exercising more than 17min a day? That could be contributing?