Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 23/50

Today is Day 23 - nearly half way with the No sugar Challenge.
Today is also ONE month since I turned 50...time flies...I want it to go slower as I don't like aging... :)

I weighed in this morning...The last time was on Friday where I had gained 800g since my last Friday's weigh in..
Well I am very happy to say that this morning I was down 1kg...
That made my Monday for me...not only was the sun shining and the sky blue after I have no idea how long...I was down on the scale.

I walked to Town today instead of driving my car...
I wanted to be as active as possible..and with the great weather it was perfect to take a walk.
Got home 1hr 30 mins later had lunch and then lay in the sun tanning till 4pm
My friend and one of The Power Ladies I teach arrived for a run.
WE did 10.55km
In 1hr 5 mins.
I was thrilled as mostly uphill the Trail route we ran today and of course HOT
I really have to push when I run with my friend as she is her 20's and fast
Which is good for me...It makes me work harder.

While out this morning I stopped at the Health shop to tell them about the Paleo bread I had seen advertised...the ingredients needed if I wanted to make myself...
When she showed me the Gluten Free breads they sell.
I was like * Oh yes I have seen that bread...its not what I want * 
When she said they had THIS new bread. Had come in over the weekend.
I took it a look and saw it looked like no other Gluten free breads I had seen before 
So bought
Tested when home with Almond butter...
Tomorrow will make a sandwich with eggs and try again
Its been 11 months since I have eaten have to get used to the taste again.
But am excited as it looks good.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. you are one fit lady Marcelle! I know you could easy keep up with my boys...some days I just fall into bed from exhaustion ;-).
    Glad you were able to find a bread that you can have. Sometimes it's just great to be able to have a quick lunch.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. There are different gluten free breads here but so far what I have tasted has not been that great. I am not big on American bread after having German bread so I am not missing it if I do not get any. I am glad you found something though!

  3. You sound so up beat...amazing what a bit of Sun can do..

  4. I find a lot of the gluten free breads tend to be extremely dry!

  5. This bread looks delicious. Glad you found something like this there.

  6. I never had gluten free bread before. Did you like the taste of it?

    Great run and so fast too! There are lots of woman (including me) who couldn't keep up with your friend so .... I take a bow for you, well done my friend.