Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 7

 Sunday morning I had greek yogurt, 40g Muesli, 1 tsp Almond butter and Chia seeds
With my morning coffee with milk my sugar added up to - 5.15g for breakfast
Lunch  I ate  ate Crab with salad made with 43g Avo, 20g Cherry tomatoes, 25g Yellow peppers, lettuce and Tsp salad dressing
Sugar was 2.28g
 Dinner I made 2x scrambled eggs, sprinkle of cheese, 16g cherry tomatoes, 15g Spring onions
Sugar was 2.78g
Snack - 20g Almonds - 0.96g

Drank 1 coffee, 2 liters water, 3 teas without milk.

Went to gym and ran on treadmill for 20 mins and then did an induction course to the new weights circle - once to get my position and strength on my card and then once circle to be shown how it works.....

Total sugars for Sunday ended at 11.17
Calories 1 256

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