Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day One

Yesterday I had a successful day on DAY ONE on 17 Day Diet.
I am so motivated to do the next 17 days without failing.

I taught a class last night with interval training, so that was my training for the day as I had hubby home  yesterday - he went for a run as the weather turned out to be good the late afternoon and evening.

Breakfast - Two scrambled eggs, mushroom, cherry tomato's
Lunch - Blueberries and Fage fat free Greek yogurt
Snack - Probiotic Drink
Dinner - Salmon, Steamed veggies and small salad 
4 cups of Green Tea
8 Glasses of water.

I stopped my hormone pills two months ago to go naturally through menopause.
I have noticed a change in my body due to that...and the only Greek yogurt I can find in my town is 6 and 10% fat.....I founds 2% fat and fat free Greek yogurt in Italy which I will eat for the next few days.
I have not been toning as much as before...
I was on holiday from November to January in Cape Town where I didn't do weights besides one or two runs a week...with lots of extra eating.
Then I got home to snow in Germany, so ran a few times on the treadmill and went through a very down emotional patch...
April I went back to Cape Town for 2 weeks...ran once!!
Then went to Abu Dhabi and Dubai and ran 4 times....

So what I am saying is...for the last few months my life has been totally out of routine....
I have been home for 6 weeks and trying to get my routine going again, the weather is terrible, summer has not arrived in Germany and its nearly July...

I still fit comfortably into my clothing....
I do feel I have gained BODY FAT...more than kilo's
I know with being 50 now ( heaven's that number sounds so old )
I have to work a little harder than I did in my 40"s and I am ready to do just that.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. I love to see what you eat but is there any way you can post what you train?

  2. I did write that I taught an interval class....will write when I do things at home :)

  3. Welcome back at this blog.

    I'm with you on this weight loss thing but not before next Monday (still vacation over here). I do feel good now but as you already know the weight loss is for healthy reasons.

    Look forward to following you here again too.

  4. Thanks so much Fran.....I don't know for how long...but for now...I am here :)