Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 1 of 17 Day Diet ~ Round 2

1st November I started the 17 Day Diet as having tried this plan once before a few months ago, I really believe in it...its the one plan that makes total sense ~ as I am at goal weight I have only done Cycle 1...Cycle 4 is how I try maintain my day to day eating plan...
The reason I decided to do 17 Days again.....
I'm off to Cape Town in 20 days time for a 9 week holiday and want to get myself back into this way of eating ( a little stricter ) so that I have a few kg's to play with over Xmas and New Year...birthday party's and family time.

On waking ~ warm lemon water and coffee

2x scrambled eggs
5 mushrooms
1 tomato
Green Tea
Did one hour of Kettlebell from 9.30 - 10.30am

First Snack

Tub sheep's Greek yogurt
2x Tsp Flaxseeds crushed
Handful Blueberries
I feel asleep on the couch while watching tv, when I woke up it was too close to dinner time to have lunch so skipped lunch and had another snack.

2nd Snack

Green Tea
Chicken breast
Toss Salad
Green Tea

I taught a mixed cardio class from 7.30 - 8.30pm

Got home and jumped in a bath as my leg was really sore and my ankle very swollen
For those who don't know...last Wednesday I went for a run with a sore calf after my Monday's run, the section with lots of stones was covered in beautiful Autumn leaves so stepped in a stone I could not see...
My ankle cracked and I fell straight down to the ground.
I put out my hand to support my fall so now also have a sore and lethargic arm
I will not be able to run for sometime...
and know I have to rest it as much as possible.

Day one was good, I had no cravings for anything.....

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Good luck on the 17-day diet. Good idea to get a bit ahead of the game before you go on holiday. Sounds like you had a fantastic Day 1!!

  2. isn't it funny how good food takes away all the food cravings ;-).

  3. You're doing GREAT! I'm on DAY 1 today - I'm off to tackle another 10 lbs this cycle! I maintained for several months and am glad I did because I wanted to see if it really worked (maintaining) and it worked great. Gained slightly (but minimal) and now ready to do it all over again. Nice to have some company - Bob is doing it again too. I'm really excited for your trip -how nice to get out of the snow. Snow expected HERE by the end of the week - first year I'm NOT looking forward to it!!!!

  4. Ow, so sorry about your ankle. Hope it heals quickly. The food looks yummy. From the previous time you did that diet I remember it was a great plan, very healthy, so good for you for going on it again. I know you eat well anyway, but going extra clean with the food for a while can't do any harm, just lots of good for the body.

    Nine weeks vacation in Cape Town! Lucky you! Bet you'll have a fantastic time :)

  5. That really sucks Marcelle that you have heard your ankle so badly. I know how much you love your workouts, so I assume it must be difficult for you to take a rest. Hope it heals soon.

    First day of the new 17 Day cycle looks good.

  6. Just catching up ...

    Sorry to hear you got hurt Marcelle. Sending you healing vibes. ((hugs))