Sunday, October 30, 2011

17DD starting soon

I'm starting the 17 Day Diet on Tuesday 1st November
This has been my plan since my visit to Italy ~
I have 17 days where I can focus, then its my Hubby's birthday party on the 19th November ~ then on the 21 November I will be flying out to Cape Town, South Africa.

I will be keeping a food journal and taking photo's of my meals to keep me motivated over those 17 days...I will be sharing it here with those who are interested in following....

I am doing it to refocus on my eating before my holiday as I know its not going to be that easy for me to keep 100% to plan over Xmas and New Year with friends and family

My leg is injured, so not sure when running will be possible for me again...
Right now I will take it day to day.....
Teach my classes, do Kettlebell at home, walk on treadmill and do elliptical at gym.
I can do something...running is not the beginning and end of everything...

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Good luck on the 17 DD, I'm sure it will be a success for you again, just like last time.

    Sorry to hear about your leg, hope it heals soon and you can do what ever you want to do again weather it's kettlebell or running or something else.

  2. I am not going to say "Good luck" to you for the 17DD because I know that you are going to succeed in completing it, just like all the times you did before. You are such a strong person. No luck is required when it comes to you.
    Can't wait for the pictures of your food - I love it when you post them.

  3. Hi Marcy - I'm going to be joining you on the 17DD reboot......I was going to restart today; however, I have a C2 left-over dish in the fridge I'd like to eat for tonight's supper, and as it's Nov 1st tomorrow, well, it can wait one more day!

    Sorry to hear about your leg........I know how you love to run - what happened?

    I'll be landing in Portugal the day you leave for SA........hope you enjoy your time home with family!

  4. Laura How's the plan going???????????

  5. Go for it..i am also on it and have lost 5 kg. You are so right it makes perfect sense and is so easy love your pics very inspiring