Saturday, July 30, 2011

My new fitness toy

As I'm focusing on interval training to boost my metabolic rate, which will in return burn more body fat while I train and continue for a while after my workout, I bought this little contraption which will beep when my minute is up, instead of me doing the exercise and trying to peep at my watch :) ( you should see me doing this )
I've seen it being used by a few trainers online and by the trainer I follow for new kettlebell idea's.
I've not tried it as yet as it arrived this morning.....Hubby set it up for me, so I'm ready!!!
As you can see....its PINK ~ hot pink!

As most of you know I have an online group with a few ladies where we share our journey on a more personal level with entries and photo's that we would do on our blogs. I love this group as each is at a different stage of their journey and all are always ready to motivate each other. I love this....Its the one place where no nasty comments or hurtful words are spoken and on this I insist...we all fall off the wagon and we all need motivation and encouragement, even if the others do it over and over again...That's life and not one of us is perfect.

I shared my blogger friend Syl's journey with the girls a month ago....Everyone was totally blown away by Syl's weight loss journey and it gave hope to so many of the ladies who are trying to lose the weight. Syl like many others has been a wonderful example that one can lose the weight and maintain...but it takes daily work...
The ladies of group have all joined a website where we log in our daily training....Its wonderful as we a closed group of members only ( the only non member has since left ) and we can keep a check on what each other is doing, give praise to keep them motivated to do a little more.
Everyone thrives on praise ~ Everyone wants to be noticed ~ Everyone has a voice that wants to be heard

I'm working on next weeks menu....have got the plan all in my head, but now need to put it on paper.
I chatted to Hubby this morning ( picked him up after his business trip to South Africa ) told him what I'm thinking and he is very keen..
He wants to continue running, he has he's first 5km race coming up next month which I will do with him and a few of his colleagues from work, he also wants to start Kettlebell.
I need to work out a training program for us we will do our runs together besides my Sunday run I do with the ladies from my street. He will go to gym to do his weigh training and I will do Kettlebell at home.
Am going to plan it weekly for now...

In 6 weeks time I have my sisters wedding in we want to look as good as possible for that. My one sister has not seen me in person for over 2 years, so has not seen me since I lost 24kg's ( 50lbs ) I want to wow her....I want to be as toned and lean as possible. Not thinner, that's not what I'm looking for....lower body fat percentage.

Today is my rest day.....
Tomorrow if no rain I will run with the other ladies ~ finding my pace is so much faster than the others and struggling to keep myself back...Yesterday we all went for a run, 6,28km. I had to run ahead at my normal pace, then slow right down for them to catch up with me, and this is how I did my the end on the final 1.5km home's I took off.
I have to tell you this.... while running I thought to myself...LOOK AT ME, 49, THE OLDEST and the fastest ...hahaha, it felt good...honestly this time will pass, the others will be faster than me as I get older, so right now for a girl who hated running and has been diagnosed with MS ~ I'm so impressed with ME!!!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Love you new gadget! Have you tried it yet?
    Hope all is going well...miss you!!!


  2. I think it's great how your husband is joining you in everything you do like the running and KB.
    I too am impressed with you - being 49 and so fit and healthy. You sure are such an inspiration and doing so well.

  3. Your so inspirational to me Marcelle! I can't believe how much you've lost and how fit you are! Your a spring chicken, girl!

  4. um yeah,i am super amazed by you as well!
    i think its awesome you are getting your husband involved in running,and i think its amazing your determination to not let age effect your progress or goals!
    i wanna be like you when i grow up!
    you ARE one hot mamma!!!!

  5. positive feed back and motivation is such a great tool in this journey. So happy that you have an avenue where there is so much support!
    I have to say the comment that I recieved after you shared my story were so uplifting, I can see why you love this group so much!
    Can't wait to hear how you like your new gadget!

  6. You go girl! Let me us how your new gaget works. I have seen these and have wondered about them!