Friday, July 29, 2011

Planning a new plan

I did complete the 17 days.....Ended on Wednesday
I didn't update my blog for a few days due to a few personal things going on in my life...
But, I'm back and here to update.

The whole purpose of my doing the 17 days for the 2nd time, was not to lose weight, if I did lose, it was an extra bonus, but my focus was to get my eating under control
I have explained in my other entries that I fell off the Good Eating wagon for most of June and part of July.
I didn't gain weight as I kept my training schedule going during this time
I needed to feel in control again, and having a plan gives me control.
I feel I am back on track...where I like to be.
And I lost weight over the 17 days.

I am back to tracking all meals
Every other day counting my calories to see if I am within
Weighing in 2x a week ONLY
Training daily for an hour
Eating protein with every meal and snack
Added protein powder to my kefir and probiotic yogurts
Drinking 8 glasses of water
3 Green tea's a day, but also 2 cups of coffee a day.

Yesterday was my first day off the 17 days
I stuck to the plan except added 30g of muesli to my breakfast
Today I had 30g of muesli again and a wholewheat sandwich with smoked salmon and avo
This evening will have Baked Salmon and salad for carbs.

I'm going to spend this weekend working out a new plan for myself, based around cycle 2 where you add 2 good carbs to your plan every other day....
I want to revise my training program
one day weights, one day cardio....
And then I want to add one day of eating whatever I want to eat...
Thinking of making it a Saturday or Sunday.....
On this day I will have an ice cream,glass of wine, chocolate, bread...whatever...but one day where I can be free of being on a plan.
I have done lots of research and this seems to be the way to go when one is in maintenance ...
6 days you on plan and one day you not!!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. oh i can comment on blogger again! YAY!!!!!
    i have been following along,and imho,i think this 1 day a week cheat will be a good fit for you.
    it allows structure with focus and at the same time,allows that day "off" to feel not consumed with saying on plan..

    1x a week i do the same-have a meal (or two) thats not on my plan...usually sunday breakfast with the kids-they love waking up to pancakes or french toast!!or cinabuns!
    keep us posted with how the new plan goes for you!

  2. That sounds like a good balanced plan you're working on Marcelle.

    I'm just curious ... did you have struggles finding a protein powder that didn't have an artificial sweetener in it? I think we may have discussed this before (sorry if I'm an airhead and forgot). Finding a plain unsweetened (artificial or otherwise) protein powder here is near impossible. If you do find it, it is very expensive, to the point where I'd rather just cook up a bunch of egg whites instead.

  3. Congrats on finishing your 17 day diet.
    I like your new plan, one day cardio, one day weights and one day eat-whatever-you-want.
    It makes sense, and seems realistic.

  4. Sounds like a good plan to me Marcelle.

  5. Sounds great! Enjoy your day off!