Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day Six ~ 17 days

Warm lemon water on waking
Greek yogurt
1 tsp peanut butter
1 kiwi
Green Tea

No snack as we were out shopping ~ made sure I stayed away from our usual visits to the coffee shop for a roll and coffee.

Lunch ~ ( was starving )
Glass of Kefir
Left over chicken and cauliflower from the night before
3 tsp Blueberry Quark
Green Tea
One Atkins Protein bar
Grilled chicken
Salad with little feta cheese and avocado pear and usual

30 mins of Abdominal workout with and without Kettlebell in the morning
Ran 8.36 km in the afternoon

Not as to plan
1 tsp peanut butter
Atkins Bar
Avo and feta cheese

It was a good day again yesterday.
I did suffer while out running, but not due to eating plan, I developed a stitch which stayed for the first 1.5km and then as it was so hot and I get very sweaty, the mascara I had on my eyes started running into my eyes and burning them...that was very painful.
I did a road run, and unlike the forest there is not many shady area's, the temp was 26 degrees when I ran after 4pm.

136 lbs on the to get to 132lbs...

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Dinner sounds great, going to remember that one.

    You've had much hotter weather yesterday than we had. I can understand that you suffered from the heat, where I run there's no shades either and at those temperatures it can be very hot. Well done on the run.

  2. Dinner looks DELISH!!

    Keep up the good work!!

  3. Your meals look great and I love how you say underneath, what was not on the plan.