Monday, July 11, 2011

Day one ~ 17 Days

I was my doubts about starting this program again...I did it the first time, but would I be able to do it 2nd time round?......Well I'm still wondering, as its early days.. remaining positive as I know at the end of the 17 days I will be happy with the results and after taking full body shots for my online group yesterday, I can see how my body fat has increased, even with my weight remaining in my maintaining range. That is enough to motivate me to do this cycle again and then to stay on track. Last month was the first month in over two years that I started eating foods without tracking and portion control...One lesson I've learned is..
THIS JOURNEY HAS NO can never sit back and say I'M DONE.....
I knew this, but June was a good reminder of this for me.

On waking
As I had no fresh lemon with being away last week, I had hot water with fresh lemon juice.
I found this Green Tea at the America Base where Sarah has a great taste...
I can find Yogi Tea in Germany but not this flavor...but will ask around and see, or else Sarah said she will post me a few boxes from time to time. I only ended up having one cup of tea yesterday..
2 eggs scrambled
Cooked mushrooms and one tomato
1/2 Tub Greek yogurt
1 Gold Kiwi

I had a nail appointment after my snack...
Had a cup of coffee there
Went and did grocery shopping
Got home and it was too close to dinner time, so finished the other half of the Greek yogurt with a handful of Blueberries
As I was running at 7pm, I ate my dinner at 6pm, Tuna salad
Could only eat half of this put it aside and ate the rest after my run
Training for the day

I skipped with a rope for 25 mins to warm up and cardio
Did one hour of total body Kettlebell
Ran 7.77km with my neighbor

My mood
I was really surprised to see I was not hungry, besides a period between my two snacks as it was lunch time and I was out having a pedicure and then shopping....I was not tempted to grab anything on the go as I am totally dedicated to the next 17 days with a group of ladies on my online group who are doing this with me.
I do remember from doing this program before that having protein for breakfast kept me fuller for longer and also that I was not hungry on this program...
My mood was good yesterday :)

The mistake I made was to not have lunch
That I only drank two cups of Green tea and not 3
That I had Blueberries after 3pm

After doing my shopping yesterday, I'm better prepared for Day 2.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Glad you are back to regular blogging - Your self discipline is very inspiring to me!

  2. I too find that when I have protein in the morning for breakfast, that it does keep me fuller for longer which rock!
    I have faith in you that you are going to succeed in this 17 days - I have no doubt that you are not going to finish this. You have a lot of willpower and that is going to help you. I KNOW you can.
    Happy to read you are prepared for today :)

  3. HI Marcelle just want to let you know I am still alive - head off for you coming back to your 17 day diet. Love your photos of your foot - makes me hungry.
    Hope everything is well so far - thought of you as I was home at my parents place last week and we went to the "Niedermooser See" where I spent so much weekends in my teenage time. Sooo nice memories, brought tears to my eyes. Saw a stone that showed "30,5 km to Lauterbach"....
    my eating is bad worse worst...... gained 2 kilos the last 6 weeks and doing hard in losing 100 grams..... but wont give up. Don't ask about photography - the only photos I took were 2.500 on our holidays and about 1000 at two photoshootings a couple of weeks ago. But know that I am coming back - soon.

  4. I think you had a great first day. Even though you didn't have lunch, you didn't snack because of that, very well done.

    Good luck on day 2.

  5. I think you did great considering how you pretty much switched it up & went "cold turkey" to your eating that you were doing for June!! Great job!