Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday, Demo Class

My neighbor wanted me to run a 10 km ( 6 miles ) with her this morning, but after running a 5.3 km ( 3 miles ) last night and struggling the last 800 meters I decided to give today a break from running. I knew I had a class to teach in the evening so would be getting a workout.

I spent most of today sitting on my butt doing photo editing...
Then in the afternoon a client came around for a Xmas photo shoot and showed me the photo's she wants put into the calendars she has ordered for Xmas gifts.

I saw the sun was shining outside but when I stepped out the front door all I felt was icy cold. It was 0 degrees at 8am today...was glad I chose not to run as I do find breathing in the cold so much harder as well.

This evening at 7.30pm in a town about 40 mins away I had to present a DEMO class.
Now I have to tell you that all communication has been between my hubby and the lady who has organized these classes as I cant speak German. Going there today I felt like a spare part...I didn't even know the ladies name that I had to speak to...thankfully she knew I was the teacher as I was a face she didn't know ~ about 35 ladies came for the class...I introduced myself as no one else did...and told them my German was not good, but as hand signals are international they would be able to following me by watching my hands...and I can count to 8 in German!!! LOL ~ One only needs to count to eight when you teach...as music is in 8's!
I pushed them and tried to be a little different to the usual German teacher...I made them clap hands, shake their bootee...and relax while working out and they got a good workout, this group is so unfit so going to be a nice challenge for me.
They paid me for the lesson and said they would like me to do a course of 10 lessons in January...I said yes...but inside I'm thinking of the MS medication I start and wondering if I will have side effects that would effect my lessons....I have asked around and have been told that for the first 3 month on medication one's energy is low....will see ~ but for now am committed to doing it with that group next year..
I taught for one hour
Burned 567 calories
45% fat
HR 110 - 136

My eating has been all over the place today due to me being busy and not watching the time between my meals....and I didn't drink water!!


  1. That's an awesome calorie burn! I'd like to do one of your workouts!

  2. wow marcelle, with such a language barrier that is such an accomplishment, way to go!

  3. Way to go! Cool that they have asked you for 10 lessons in January. You can always see how you feel by then and if your energy is low take it easier at your other workouts or take more rest days.

  4. By the way: that's a large group: 35!

  5. Today is another day, so don't fuss that much about your eating of yesterday.
    Glad to hear you have been offered a course to do with a group.

  6. You go girl!! That is commitment right there. I would never drive 40 min. away to teach a class in the winter but I hate driving in the snow so I don't even like driving 5 min. away...lol

    You are going to be such a busy woman I hope you will be able to visit me.