Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday ~ one month without the scale

I've fallen off the wagon ~ well it feels like I have as I'm not tracking the whole day.
I start my day tracking but by the afternoon I'm no longer doing it...
I'm eating well as there is nothing in my house to snack on besides fruit and veg
As I'm an ALL or nothing person I feel as if I've fallen off the wagon, but know I haven't really, I'm just living with my new lifestyle and no longer dieting or being obsessed about my weight.
~ * ~ * ~
Its been a month now since I last weighed myself.
I decided to stop worrying about the number and just life the lifestyle I have embraced for the last two years...November it will be two years since I began this journey...and over time so much has changed with my eating habits as I've learned more about living a healthy lifestyle.
One of the best changed I made was to stop eating all diet products fill with Aspartame and other horrible poisons, and processed foods.

This morning I met two of my neighbors at 9am again for a walk/run session...we decided to only to a short * tour* as they call *route* of 5 km ( 3 miles ) and then come back to my house to do some toning.
I dressed up all snug this morning in my winter running gear, even had a head band on to keep my ears warm, gloves for my hands and a running jacket over my long was 1 degree when we went out, FREEZING cold!!!
We walked up the first part of the route as its a very steep hill...and then once at the top we started to jog on the downhills and flats. I felt okay...didn't run at a fast pace ~ I noticed when I felt tired or found it hard to breath I would look at my HR monitor and see that my HR was still low, yet in my chest I was finding it hard, yet it was not effecting my HR???
I imagined the way I was puffing and panting while running that my HR would be sky high...NOT!
When we got back home they came to my house for a toning session.
I started with push ups...* They found them hard *
Then...lots of forward lunges...backward lunges, side lunges
Abdominals and then a nice deep long stretch.

Walked/Ran 5.2 km in 38 mins
Total workout 1 hr 11 mins
Burned 712 calories
HR 112 - 140
40% fat

I bought the rolls in the photo's at the Health Shop yesterday.
Tastes very different to the rolls one buys from the bakery.
I prefer the Health shop rolls to be honest.


  1. I find for myself it's such a slippery slope whether I track or not. Most days that I don't track I do very well (because sometimes I check in on myself) but there is always that feeling I doing ok. I hope to one day be track free, free myself of that because I believe I have already released the scale chains.
    Sounds like another great day for you Marcelle, those rolls look so good!

  2. oh and one more thing MArcelle, I was wondering when you had a moment what you thought of my photos from my bike ride to my moms, the "scenery" ones.

  3. I struggle with my runs when the weather changes and I do a lot worse when it is cold- I have a hard time to breathe!!
    It is so hard as I am in the same spot of should I weigh or not...and I on the wagon or off? Congrats on your choice to simply be healthy!! I hope to get there!!

  4. What a great workout. I wish I was more diligent 6xper week. Love the pics on your sidebar. Tracking food daily can get tedious, but so helpful when looking back

  5. I hid my scale awhile ago. With everything I've been doing I always got discouraged because I never lost- sometimes even GAINED!
    Then I figured out that I was in 100% better shape than even 10 months ago. I would never want to go back tobefore! Scale stays hidden...I'm my new me:)

    Way to go! I am glad this has just become your lifestyle!!! You win!

  6. Oh man, I'm not excited for winter running...but I'm going to try at least!!

    Oh and in response to your question, the rolls are whole wheat!

  7. THANKS ( as we say in South Africa ) Dankie!!!
    For visiting and leaving me comments....x

  8. Girl you haven't fallen of the wagon. You might think so but you didn't. There comes a point in your life where you have to stop tracking and rely upon yourself. I'm thinking you're getting ready for this now because you stop tracking half through the day and know you eat healthy. Don't worry too much about it, you're doing great.

    I've stopped tracking too two weeks ago as you know and both weeks I've lost weight, not much but it's a loss. I know I'm doing it the right way now and don't need the tracking anymore. I still follow the eating plan but don't count it anymore.

  9. Just found your pictures. Wow, inspiring, and Wow.. Thanks

  10. Sounds like a great workout! Those rolls look soooo good!

  11. Not looking forward to dog walks in the cold. One more week!!!! It is going to take a lot for me to get out there but if you can do it so can I!!! That bread looks yummy!