Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 44/50

After my run on Saturday with hubby ( we did 8.60km's ) 
I noticed each time I moved from side to side I would feel stabbing pain across my back where my bra strap is...
Sunday morning I felt it again so asked Hubby to give me a good rub down as had a photo shoot and 2x soccer games to photograph.
This morning it felt quite sore when I woke...each time I moved I would feel as if I would catch my breath from the I cancelled my run I had planned and contacted the lady who organized a new group of ladies for me to teach starting this evening ...I wanted to warned her that I might be canceling but would let her know closer to the time.
After breakfast I took a muscle relaxant and have not had any problems since....
So tonight I went off to teach the new group of ladies...happy to report all went well.

Today is day 44 of the 50 days no sugar challenge.
I will count down to the end of the 50 days so that I know I have completed it well
But as I said in others entries, this is how I want to continue eating.

I noticed that Tosca is now also gluten and grain free.
Interesting how more and more people as seeing that a healthy lifestyle is better without those things.

I'm going to weigh in on Thursday morning.
I have my daughter arriving on Thursday afternoon and as she is only here for one evening I want us to go to the Italian for dinner...there I will have my usual salmon and veggies....with a glass of wine...

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. 44 out of 50 wow you're almost there! Enjoy daughter time. I just had son time....loved it!

  2. Wow 50 days go by fast, can't believe you it's almost the "end" of the challenge. Seems like yesterday you started it.

    Happy to hear you were able to teach your new group. Nice ladies?

    Enjoy the night with your daughter but I'm sure you will.

  3. Good for you for sticking to the sugar challenge so well! And for committing to continuing with it when the challenge is over. I feel like I need to do review of what I eat - not just for weight loss but for the sake of my body... You are very inspirational!