Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 46/50

Ive not eaten very well this week....with Hubby being in Russia and not having to cook.
Monday night I made Tuna salad for dinner....
Tuesday I had Pilchards and salad and tonight I cooked a chicken breast....with salad again.
So the area I'm not doing well in is my lunch and snacks.
I feel as if I am eating a lot more yogurt at the moment to before, or eating a handful of Almonds.

I am still very aware of u can see in my photo above, I bought the mini banana's for my smoothies I make and Hubby like a half banana before he goes out to run.

Tuesday I taught The Power Ladies a good cardio workout and this morning we did a heavy cardio and Kettlebell class....I was going to run this evening, but as it was so hot I decided to lie in the sun, have my dinner outdoor, read and later went for a walk around my neighborhood with my camera...

I weighed myself yesterday morning 
62.3 kgs

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. I too love the mini bananas. Smaller portion of sugar and also for the kids it's great.
    Mmmm ... I like Pilchards too :)

  2. I usually don't eat to well when R. is away too. I enjoy the fact that I have me-time and don't have to take care of him.

    You're doing great Marcelle.