Thursday, August 9, 2012

40/50 Days

10 Days left on the 50Days No Sugar Challenge....and so far I have had no problems

When I belonged to the FB group regarding this challenge I was amazed at all the cakes, desserts that were on display for us with the recipe on * the how to make  it *
For me personally...eating cake, no matter what kind of cake, or muffins etc is not the way I live this healthy lifestyle.
I don't think its wrong....remember I am not a baker so have never been someone to bake cakes, muffins or fancy desserts.
Not judging those who do love be honest, I admire them...
What I wanted was more about good clean foods.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners
There were a few but not many....

I intend continuing eating this way...
I lost weight in the beginning as I had gained a few kilo's
But now my weight is stable again as it has been for the last 3 years.
I enjoy this way of eating.....
I hope to be able to eat this way while in Cape Town for nearly 3 months...
I will be doing my own shopping and cooking for my daughter and her family while on holiday so sure I will have more control over my foods while away.

The photo with this entry is of my niece...when I felt Cape Town she had just turned 3 and now is 11....time flies!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Great job Marcy! Your nice is lovely!

  2. She's beautiful. And the dog. Very nice picture...

  3. I like to bake but cake, muffins and so on are a treat for me, not something I eat daily.
    I've noticed too on diet groups that there are more "healthy" recipes for the treats as for the normal meals. I too rather have suggestions for the daily meals. If I make a cake every now and then it's the full monty and not a "healthy" one.

  4. I understand that cakes and muffins is not your way of living healthy. We are all different :)
    I can't believe you're almost finished with this challenge and now you're going to make this part of your every day eating. Wow!

  5. Hey There!
    I noticed that one of the bloggers I follow follows you!! After looking at your blog, will too!!! You should know that you are by far the hottest mom/grandma I've ever seen!! Yes; I aiming to look like you at 30 :) Keep the good work up!