Monday, January 23, 2012

Saying Goodbye for a while

I'm back from my two month holiday in sunny Cape Town ( South Africa ) where I had a wonderful time with my family, children and adorable grandkids.
I left Germany and returned two months later at the same weight....

I've moved on from where I've been for the last two years and no longer feel the need to blog about this part of my daily life.
I've moved over to Paleo and Primal eating and know its not something conventional dieters are interested in.
I started my journey doing Weight Watches....and now have moved over * To The Dark Side * :)
So for I put an end to this journey and enjoy the other side...Its time to say good bye...
I might want to share a little in the future but for now.....its BYE

Please remember I have a private blog where I will continue but this one about what I eat only will be dropped for a while.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see i


  1. I understand your point completely ... still sad to see you leaving the blog though but do understand.
    Good luck on your new journey.

  2. Marcelle, I understand your reasons for not blogging here anymore. I don't see Paleo and Primal eating as "the dark side" :) Lots of people have benefits from this way of life. Paleo looks a bit like the low carb style I'm using and the way I'm doing it works for me so I understand your choice for doing this.

    We stay in touch through Facebook.

    Big hug for you!

  3. You certainly are what you eat if that's all you think people are interested in when they read your blog. You're more to your readers than what you put in your mouth for nourishment.

  4. You're going to be missed! But this is completely understandable! Hope to keep in touch with you via e-mail instead....

  5. Dear anon
    I have another blog where I write about my life, share photos etc,. It's just this one I'm saying bye to for a while. Will be doing everything in my one blog for now as also run a healthy lifestyle group and that needs more of my time for now.
    Thanks for allowing me to explain, I hope you get my reply.

  6. you just keep getting better and better, doing everything to keep improving your life, even though you already are a knock out! You are such an inspiration Marcelle! Good luck with the new way of eating and I'll see you on the "other side" ;-)

  7. Good luck Marcelle and all the best to you!

  8. You are doing so proud of you!! Miss you XOXO

  9. You must do what is good for you....but I must say I will miss your info. You were a great inspiration and a help in getting me motivated...enjoy the break and thanks for sharing Xxxxxxxxx