Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Recap ~ June

Starts tomorrow 1st June...

Today I want to recap the Month of May
The photo below was taken last night, a few minutes later Hubby and I went out for a 10km run ~ Trail and Road.
Hubby bought me a new belt in France, this belt holds my Ipod, the car key, a tissue, and little bottles filled with water...I'm loving it.
My main exercise this month has been running and Kettlebell.
I've been running four times a week on average, some days more...and doing KB most days, sometimes I focus on the upper body and abs and then other days I do the whole body.
Once a week I do an Aerobic Dance class to add variation to my training.
This month I felt strong with my running, and fell in love with KB even more.
I tracked the whole month and overall ate well ~ becoming more aware of sugar in my foods, cutting back where possible...but becoming more and more addicted to my 2 blocks of dark chocolate daily. This is why I have started the NO chocolate challenge for myself....and am thinking of doing this for 100 days!!
But lets get through June first....hahaha
I've added two glasses of Red wine to my Friday and Saturday evenings during May, and plan to keep this going for the month of June as I have visitors and also my birthday...its not a good month to make NO wine a challenge as well as Chocolate.
I managed to lose weight this month ~ I say....I managed to maintain my weight as not wanting to lose weight anymore...its all about maintaining the weight I have lost and staying healthy....

I look forward to June....hot summer days....longer runs planned....Kettlebell with heavier weight....My daughter and brother's visit.....trip to Berlin....BBQ's and friendships.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


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  2. Are you doing kettle bells at home? I was thinking of taking a class so I could do it at home??

  3. You sure have an excited month coming up. What are you planning for your birthday?
    I like that belt. I did not realize that one can get something like this for one's music. Wonder if Sportsmans Warehouse will have it? Will go look.
    I too keep a (or two) tissues with me when I run. For some apparent reason my nose run with my legs :)

  4. Marcy, you look amazing! Look at those abs! And the arms! Great job on getting your body into a great shape and building those nice muscle. You are an inspiration! :)

    I could never eat just 2 blocks of chocolate, dark or any other kind. It's much easier to not eat any than to limit it to a small amount. When I start eating it, I just can't stop. That's why I don't eat any. Good luck with your challenge!

  5. I agree that no chocolate AND no red wine is a recipe for failure! You look beyond amazing!

  6. Marcelle what a great month you have had, and you look amazing.
    Are you willing to share you're kettle bell routine?

  7. Fantastic month Marcy in all ways. You did an awesome job on everything.

    And I think you definitely deserve those 2 glasses of wine with all the hard work you do all week.

    And the no chocolate challenge is going to be great too, once you set your mind to it you do it!

    With all the things to look forward too June will be a great month for you.

  8. Look at those abs baby! HOT! I know you're going to do great with your no chocolate challenge. Once you set your mind to something you've got it. (hahah I just noticed Fran said the exact same thing - must be true!) Thanks for your support. I'm really going to put my nose to the grind in June.

  9. I would kill for your abs. I've been told my stomach will never look good without surgery. :( You are amazing!

  10. I want to know HOW you are getting rid of that skin on your belly! Please email me and let me know your workouts! You look AWESOME!

  11. Holy hot body. You look fantastic!!!