Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Start of June

Day one of the NO Chocolate challenge went well...
I did have to look away at the chocolate counter this afternoon.....
I did have to remind myself that I was doing a challenge and could not fail on the first day!!

Start of the new month got me jumping on the scale this morning....
Was happy with what I keeping my weight down.
I had a few pounds to lose two months ago, which I lost with the 17 Day Diet and have managed to maintain my weight lost since I stopped the plan.
This morning when I got on the scale, hubby peeped over my shoulder, he does not like me too thin....when he saw my weight he said...* That's okay, as you are all muscle *....
Wow...those words are words I've never heard come from him before!!!

Last night before teaching I was talking to the girls, one of them reached over and grabbed my shoulder and said * what's going on here, what you doing *

Thank you Kettlebell!!!

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Well done for keeping the weight down. You're doing great!
    That is so awesome that your husband said that too you. I think he too perhaps like the look of your body - more muscular since you start doing the KB exercises. I can imagine how happy you must be - me sitting here with a smile on my face for you cause I know that must have made you so happy to hear :)
    The last sentence underneath the picture is so true. Well said.

  2. It's great that you are maintaining the loss. That's the most important thing, really.

    Well done on day 1 of the challenge. I have a different tactics when I am avoiding a certain food. I don't look away, quite on contrary. I look at it on purpose and repeat "I don't eat that. I don't eat that. I don't eat that." It works really well for me. It imprints the idea into the brain, so it stops considering it an option.

  3. Woohoo!!!! I love those compliments and you so deserve it Marcelle! You workout so hard everyday. I wish I had to determination you do.

  4. That's a wonderful compliment from hubby!

    Are those avocados or limes on the photo. If they are avocados do you eat so many of them?