Monday, December 13, 2010

My thoughts on Sugar

Saturday the 12 December, my little grandson celebrated his 2nd birthday
I was so happy to be here, I had planned my trip to be here for the birth of my newest grandchild and the 2nd birthday of one of my other grandchildren...
Now before Christmas I am having to think of packing my bags and returning to my life with my husband in Germany...

I have discovered that I am the worst writer ever, or really don't explain myself very well when I do a blog entry, cause after reading the comments after my two last entries I see such confusion that I have decided to try write it as simply as I am able, to get you the reader to understand what I am saying, where I am coming let me try again.
Remember this is about ME....
MY blog, so nothing I say here is suggested for anyone else...
but for me.
1. I was diagnosed with Candida
2. It was suggested I give up ALL sugars as Candida loves sugar
3. 10 days without sugar I was told my body is doing so well to continue for another 3 months
4. First month without fruit, and then to start adding one fruit a day ( Apples, Berries, Kiwi's )

I do have to say that this is fine for me, I do think when you are diagnosed with something and want it cleared you will do whatever it takes, so for someone like myself who could never go without fruit, I am saying, you can go without fruit when you HAVE to....when you don't have to its easy to say that you cant live without fruit...I have been there myself, so understand point is only when one HAS to give something up for health reason's...YOU CAN.
Reading labels I think is good anyway....even if you are not looking for sugars added, but for all the other bad things put into our foods....

I then found after 10 days without sugar that my weight came went back to do research on the effects of sugar on the body, read Tosca's book again with new founded eyes and have seen how bad SUGAR is for one...I'm not talking about fruit.....hidden sugars in so many foods...that is the area I am going to be looking into from now on.

I also mentioned that Europe launched the New Weight Watchers program a YEAR AGO and that I followed the program and gained...when I look at why I gained I see it was due to the sugar....
Yes, over eating on fruit and the hidden sugars in foods caused this. I loved melon and grapes and now see that those are filled with sugar and instead I should have eaten more apples, berries and kiwi's....I am not saying * Dont do WW * ~ I am a firm believer in the program, I lost all my weight following the WW program...but for me the new program meant I over ate on fruit cause it was free and gained...My thoughts were...* who gains weight eating fruit ?* but now I am more educated and know that it can happen...I still firmly believe in this program and if I had to do it again I would do it differently... I just wanted to warn other starting this program from my own experience ~ enjoy the fruit, but chose the fruit you eat wisely and don't over eat on them.

I do hope I have explained myself a little better this time...
I find it hard when I write an entry and then find the comments are more about you the reader than about me and what I am trying to say in my space. My intention is never to sway anyone from what program they are on, but just to share my journey and maybe somewhere you the reader can relate to my problems to your own journey and in a way I can be of some help...
I for example don't eat RED meat, have not for over 28 choice, I will never suggest everyone else stop eating RED meat...this is where I am coming from when I write about my new journey giving up SUGARS.

Have an awesome Tuesday...


  1. Congrats on your grandson Marcy, so glad that you were able to join that this year. Must have been a special feeling.

    This is your blog, your life and you do what's good for you. Changing some things has proven that it worked for you so you're on the right track.

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  3. I agree that your blog is for you!! Good Girl!!
    I also need to use you as my inspiration and rid more of the sugar in my diet- I was reading labels and found that an antacid tablet I take have 4 grams and my multi vitamin has 6gram..... crazy stuff!!! You are so right it is in sneaky parts....

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  5. Refined sugar is definitely evil in my body...cravings galore. And Candida, too...especially when the weather is hot. I agree with you on the fruit - a certain degree of moderation and common sense is required in any healthy diet. Just becuase WW says "fruit no longer has a point value" doesn't translate into "go and eat large amounts of fruit".

    Hope you are enjoying your last bit of time in S.A. before returning to Germany.