Friday, December 17, 2010

Felt BAD

I leave Cape Town tomorrow...back to Germany after spending 8 weeks in summer time, I have to re-adjust to the cold and winter...not going to be easy for me as I am a summer person coming from Africa...
When I left Germany the 25th October I was still managing to run outdoors with my running team...but hear from them that they all have stopped as too much snow and too cold...
They are waiting for me to return so I can give them cardio and toning workouts 2x a the New Year of course...
We put my gym membership on hold from November till end of December, so will only be back to running and the treadmill from the 3rd January when my family who are coming over to spend Christmas and New Year with us leave for Cape Town...

For the last few days I have been feeling terrible from time to time..
Low energy and also very dizzy...
I automatically thought it was my MS showing it's nasty head..
Went back to the Kino, who explained that I was anemic and that my blood sugar levels were very low as I was not eating enough or often enough.
I was put on Iron pills and immediately felt a huge difference.
I am also back to eating small meals every 4 hours ( should be 3 hours ) which is also helping the blood pressure situation..
I also started adding one apple to my day as from yesterday...
Am now able to drink my coffee without sugar...honey...just coffee and milk, this is HUGE achievement for me.

The next time I update this blog will be when I am back and settled back into my *other* life.
Tomorrow is going to be a very sad day for me
I have to leave my family and my adorable grandchildren behind..
And now my Princess Nunu who I am so madly in love with...
She and I have spend the last two nights together while my daughter had a good nights sleep
I loved out bonding time precious Nunu...x


  1. Have a safe flight home Marcelle.

  2. Oh my goodness! You're heading back (already!!!!). Such a precious photo of the two of you - she is beautiful! I'm sure your hubby is anxious to have you back - bitter-sweet, ha! Sorry I haven't been by to visit more - I haven't even been blogging but will get back to it shortly! Been so busy with so many things. Have a safe flight and let us know when you get back!!!!! Super cold here.

  3. You sound very sad ... hugs. Good luck for today, have a good flight back.

  4. I know it has been a wonderful trip and will be so sad to leave. I am so glad to hear you have family coming to Germany for the holiday. That will make it a little easier

  5. Have a safe flight home!

    Glad to hear the iron pills helped and made you feel better.