Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 30/50

The photo with this entry today was my lunch earlier.
Lettuce, Cherry tomatoes, feta, avo and 2 hard boiled eggs
Plain yogurt was used for dressing.

30 days and I am still going strong.
Really am happy this time round that I am facing no struggles or temptations.

20 days left for this challenge...and there after I am going to continue with keeping my sugar under 30g a day where possible.
Today I struggled to keep it down as I had a small banana with my yogurt for breakfast.
I wanted a banana today as I woke up with fog brain and no energy
Struggled to get out of bed or do anything
I even had 3 cups of small coffee's to see if that would help
I took a shower
Nothing helped 

Around 4.30pm I started to feel better...
While making Hubbys foods for tomorrow I wondered if I should join him
As if he read my mind he walked in and said 
* You going to join me for a run tonight *
I *hmmmmm and haaaaaaad *
And then said * yes *
Got ready and went out with him 

Did a 8.55km run
Was a street run....
We did walk a few times for a few seconds..
Hubby has been away so didn't train for a week,
He needs to take it slow and I was wanting to go, go, go as the whole day I have been lazing around 

Started off a not so good day for me
But ended as a good day.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.

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