Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Days 6 - 7 & 8 on 17 Day Diet

I'm still having no problems keeping to this plan....this is the strictest I have been on this plan..the first time I did it I was fine for about 10 days...and struggled the last 7....the 2nd time I did this plan, I followed cycle 2 more than cycle 1...but this time round I am doing it as close to the book as I know how, as the more others do it and the more I read the book, the more I learn...* The How To *
I also think one of the biggest reasons I've not been as strict on plan ( had sweet potato at dinner time ) has been my weight....I have managed to maintain my weight lost for over two years now and still weigh +- 61kg's, few grams up and down ( 134 lbs )
This time round I decided the reason I was going to do this plan was in preparation for my holiday.
I'm away for 8 weeks ~ over Xmas, New Year, my sisters 40th, my grandson's 3rd birthday and not forgetting meeting up with friends for snacks, cakes, lunch, dinners and drinks.
I read in the 17 DD that if you prepare your body by doing this plan of 17 Days before going away, you stand the change of picking up less weight than had you not done the plan..
AS I am very good with my food choices I'm hoping all in all I am going to Rock this holiday weight wise...never come back from a holiday in South Africa having gained...most times I've lost...So with that thought in my mind...I'm ready!!

The only area I feel needs looking into while on this plan for me is the yogurt....every 2nd day I have Greek yogurt for breakfast...and on those days I have 3 yogurts...one for breakfast and 2 for snacks...I need to looking into finding new idea's for snacks...I'm eating scrambled eggs with cooked tomato, spring onion and mushrooms for breakfast on the days I dont have yogurt and finding I it not enjoyable...I did in the beginning, but not anymore...so will be adding a Kerfir shake into my plan for breakfast. I don't mind having a boiled egg salad at lunch time....
I'm still photographing all my meals daily and putting them up on group ~ it keeps me accountable in a way...and gets me to use my camera which I so love...
I've trained two short Kettlebells since I taught the class last Tuesday night and damaged my leg further....I am concentrating on the upper body, abs with the Kettlebell....yesterday I did a few swings to see how my leg was coping...its getting better.
Still far far from running better...but I am patient and look forward to the challenge of getting running fit again when I start...I know with muscle memory I will be fine....2 weeks and I will be rocking the running again...now body needs the rest.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. The top meal looks really yummy. I would like to cook something like that this week.

  2. Hey Marcy - how do you like the 17-day diet? I need to find something to help me get off about 12 pounds and no plan has left me doing nothing... Do you feel good on it? I don't want to feel lethargic or hungry. What're your thoughts?

  3. meals look great Marcelle, I'm also glad to hear that you are finding it easier this round, I pretty sure it come from experience ;-)

  4. I love that egg salad thing you are doing.