Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who is this Monster??

By now you all know by now, I have a husband who really spoils and looks after me ~ I could not ask for more or better.....
Well on Sunday after my run with the other ladies, I was in the shower when I saw him come into the bathroom with both my running shoes, bent over the bath and started cleaning them. He does the cleaning of my running shoes from time to time, but this day he decided my shoes needed a clean cause I was running my first Half marathon and he wanted me to run in clean shoes!!!!!
I'll be running in the Adidas pink and white shoes as they my road running shoes and the grey
Salomon are my Trail running shoes.
The route is on both Road and Trail.
I'm a little worried about myself....let me share and then you can tell me if you have had the same experience, if this is normal and my question is...WILL THE NORMAL ME RETURN??
I feel as if I've released a *Monster* within myself!!
This monster is so competitive....and its driving me nuts to be honest.
I'm competing against myself ONLY, against my GARMIN.
The day I decided I was going to run the Half Marathon and had a month to train, something happened, I went all out to complete this challenge I had set out for myself.
As I started training and working towards beating my PR for 5/6 and now 10km times ~ I feel as if every run I do has a competition within it. ( for me only )
I have to beat pace, my time, my distance...grrrrr
I want to just run and not have a care in the world again, but right now it feels like this is how every run is going to be for me in the future....beating something!!!
Please tell me that after the Half Marathon I won't be doing this anymore and will find my running the way it used to be again....That what I'm experiencing right now is NORMAL.
My partner who is running with me says she has never felt the way I do when she has prepared for a race! She thinks I'm crazy and should start running without my Garmin.
Today my running partner and I set out for our last run before the Half marathon on Sunday.
We decided on a 10km distance.
I wanted to make sure I did the first 15 mins at a pace of 9.5km as my warm up and there after wanted to run the rest of the distance at 10 ~ 10.5km...( I went faster at times and had to slow down )
It was fast and I don't think I could do that pace for two full will have to make sure I run my first hour of the marathon under 10km per hour and then go faster the last 10km...
see here I am planning again, my partner says...JUST RUN...

I ran 10km in 59,42 mins...a new PR for my in 10km
Average pace 10.3
Max Speed 14.6
Burned 788 calories
HR 138 ~ 181

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Not being a runner I have no experience with this, but I just wanted to comment on how SWEET your hubby is! I think you are doing amazing preparing for your half marathon. I think you have been ready for ages and you will fly through it with no trouble!!

  2. I think it is common and the addiction of running. You see so much progress and you want to push even further.

  3. I think you should run without your Garmin for a while... give yourself a break... so if the battery is low you should leave it that way for some time... let the monster out of your brain and relax a bit... now I can say dont push too hard...

    So I think after the HM you put the Garmin in a hidden place and RELAX...

    and yes I am with Candice... she is totally right... Heinz is soooo spoiling you and I think you deserve it... enjoy that...

  4. I think those kinds of feelings come and go, depending on where you are in your running life. Sometimes you are more competitive and really challenging yourself and then it will change again and you will be more relaxed. It's like the waves on a beach!

  5. I am not a runner, but I do know the feelings you are describing. Maybe it comes with a certain personality but the drive to be better and achieve more in a certain field is something I know well. At times it can be good since it leads to improvements, but if it gets out of hand it certainly can get overwhelming and do more harm than good. Make sure that you don't push it too hard and get injured or over-stress your system. Sometimes it takes a conscious effort to slow ourselves down and in this case I think it might be just what you need.

    Oh, I have to add this... You have such a sweet husband. I am sure you deserve every bit of his attention and care :)

  6. I have never had this experience and can't really answer if it will go away. But running without your Garmin for a while after your half on Saturday might be a good idea and probably will bring back your joy for the running itself.

    H. is really sweet for wanting you to run in clean shoes next Saturday.

  7. Your not alone here Marcell, I think most runners go through this especially if their good at it and you are.

    I for one am not good at it, so I do not care how long it takes me to run a 5K or less or more. Granted there is a part of me that wishes I was faster, but I am not nor am I willing to push my body harder than I already am.

    Like I said on group I think the key for you is to run without the garmin. Go out knowing your path if you want to know the distance, or not. I think a few runs like this a week would be good for you to help take the stress out of it.

    Just my 2 cents. :)