Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weeks Review

Ran both Saturday and today, Sunday....
Yesterday I did a 8.18km ( 5.08 miles ) with my hubby and today a 10km ( 6.21 miles ) with some girlfriends.
Felt good both days...
Am finding running with my hubby who takes bigger steps compared to me, my pace is improving as I have to run faster to keep up, even though I am the fitter of the two.
Today when I ran with my girlfriends, the one said my pace was too fast, she could not keep up...
I think its time for me to start running on my own again if I want to improve and get fitter for the half marathon I want to do in September.
My one girlfriend who has run 3 half marathon's says that my fitness is so good at the moment I will easily be able to run it NOW...without any special training.

My Training for the week.
44km ( 27.3 miles )
9 Workouts that I logged in
Did 30 mins of Kettlebell each morning which I didnt log in
Thursday was my one off day for the week.

I'm going to be taking a break from this blog ~ I do have another blog, a private one, if you are a regular follower here and would like me to add you to my private blog, please email me with your email address.
I send out reminders when I post on private blog as the updates do not appear in your feedreader.


  1. Please add me to your other blog. I will miss you not posting here as you are such an inspiration to me.
    PS I used to live in Germany in the 70's so love seeing pics of the land too!

  2. OOPS forgot my email

  3. Still curious why you are taking a break :)

    Maybe you could run with the group just on Sunday because you like that too and do the rest of your runs on your own or with hubby? You might want to do longer distances in preparation on that half and I don't know if your group is ready for that.

  4. Can you believe that you are ready to run a marathon? Wow. Please keep me on your private reading list. I can't do without my Marcy fix.

  5. ah, i just got used to checking in here - getting my double daily dose of your wondeful posts! Please reconsider - maybe post here once a week and update us and inspire us. :-)

  6. Glad to see my rolemodel is still doing great!

  7. Dang girl, you are unstoppable!!

    You know I'd love to be added to your private blog...thanks doll!!


  8. Good for you for getting fitter with your running. That is excellent and what a nice feeling also, don't you agree? I love it when I see I get more fit by the month. Such a great feeling.

  9. Yikes - what am I going to do without you? Can you please add me to your blog?

  10. I've never ran with other people, but I don't think that would be good for me. I like to run at my own pace and have quiet in my head.

    Good job on making those strides Marcelle!

  11. Hi there please add me to your blog need the daily inspiration...thanks Viv

  12. Invites have been sent off to all who asked.....