Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bell ~ 5.4km run

The ~Bell Equipment~ team that entered the 5.4km run on 10th September in Alsfeld.
This is the South African company my husband works for and this was also his first organised run.
First man to come from the company was the 5th young man from your left
Second in was the 2nd man from your left ( doesn't work for the company, was a replacement )
Then my hubby came in 3rd....I came in 4th and the first lady to come in from the company.
I set up my camera on the tripod with self timer to take this photo of the team.

This photo of Hubby running up to the finish and the start where taken by my friend Heidi, she was training to run with her hubby Heinz, when she broke a bone in her she was our photographer that day.
I love seeing this photo of hubby as I was behind him so didn't get to share the joy on his face as he came up to the finishing such a good time...He did 5.4km in 28 mins
At the start of the run, Hubby and I were together, our pace was fast...I could not see how fast as my Garmin's battery died before the start ( no idea how that happened as I had charged it after my neighbor used it last Wednesday for her run ) one point he went past me and encouraged me to run faster...I told him that for me, my Heart Rate was very high and I was going as fast as I to run ahead of run his best time. So he and the Bell replacement who came in 2nd ~ went off together at one fast pace.
I was boiling, it was so hot out, I have never run in a t-shirt, so after the first 10 mins in I took it off and ran in my sports bra, feeling the air on my skin was such an awesome feeling. I actually didn't care what anyone thought of me, I was struggling and had to do this for myself...without the T-shirt!!!
My HR was high from the start to the finish of the run.....I was running so right leg was so sore, my mind was playing tricks on me, telling me to walk....*come on, you can walk*...but knowing myself...I don't allow myself to walk....not in a 5.4km run!!!! So I kept pushing myself to run faster.
There was such a wonderful atmosphere along the way ( besides the forest area ) people cheering and clapping to keep the runners pushing. As I got closer to the end, fireman were standing spraying cold water across the had to run through it ~ it was wonderful, it helped to cool one down, I knew the end was insight so told myself to keep going as in the distance I could see Hubby running ~ I wanted to try catch up to him ( he tells me he had to walk 2x but still I never managed to catch him )
As I approached the end, I started chasing a man in front of me, he sensed this so turned around to me and said in German * Come lets sprint to the end * ~ so off we went...he went ahead of me as was faster, but I was sprinting as fast as I could up that hill to the finish line, I could hear the people cheering and clapping for us...was such a good feeling as we were really giving it our all and they noticed that.
My time for 5.4km was 29 mins and 31 sec
We hung around the venue for three more hours, drinking and chatting to everyone, I saw a few of my dancing ladies there....we cheered at the awards celebration...the winning man ran the run in 18 mins, the winning lady in 25!

Later that evening we went up to friends apartment to shower and then went to the Greek restaurant for dinner.
I had a mug of Radler, alcohol free as I was the driver home.
Grilled chicken breast, chips, ( only ate a few ) with cabbage salad
Dessert I had....Greek yogurt with honey and few nuts

It was such a beautiful day and evening, we ate outdoors..
This afternoon a thunder storm arrived....right now its chilly, with thunder and lightening....
Cannot believe how lucky we were with the weather yesterday.

The way I see it, isn't necessarily the way you see it.


  1. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you guys. You're really seeming to enjoy the races. How great that you got to run as part of a team. You & hubby both did fantastic!!

  2. Hubby looks like a pro ;-)
    Congrats on a great race Marcelle, you must be so proud!

  3. Congratulations! Great race and great finish for the both of you.

    Sounds to me you had a great day with the dinner afterwards.

    I suppose the thunder storm was the one we had Saturday night, it was a very heavy storm this time.

  4. Congratulations to you both! Isn't it fun to do a race with a group of friends?